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Diagnostic Services

Foot Care of New York's two state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment. Our diagnostic services allow our foot doctors to diagnose injuries fast, plan treatments, and perform procedures. If you have a foot or ankle injury, you can receive diagnostic testing all under one roof, with our 45th Street location offering MRI service which is ICAMRL accredited. There is no need to go anywhere else than Foot Care of New York.

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-rays are used to create images of internal structures. Digital X-rays are a fast imaging test that helps podiatrists with diagnosis and treatment planning. Digital X-rays are especially useful for quickly evaluating injuries.

Doppler Ultrasound

Doppler Ultrasound creates instant real time images. Doppler ultrasound is used for assessing blood vessels, masses, and internal foot and ankle structures. Doppler ultrasound is an important tool for the detection of blood clots.  Doppler enhancement features can show the direction of blood flow in real time and detect pulse sounds.


Podiatrists use neurometer testing to detect nerve damage at the earliest time possible. It is especially useful for assessing nerve damage in the fingers and toes. Neurometer testing is commonly used for people with diabetes.


Sonograms create images of internal musculoskeletal structures to help diagnose a variety of foot and ankle problems.  Sonograms are most frequently used to evaluate soft tissues, such as ligaments and muscles. Sonograms use radio waves to create images and are a fast and painless test.


Fluoroscopy creates real time X-ray images. Fluoroscopy guides podiatrists to perform certain procedures. Fluoroscopy is used for setting broken bones or the placement of surgical hardware. 

Call (212) 661-3300 or request an appointment online for diagnostic services with one of our foot doctors in Manhattan, New York. 

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Excellent health care professional and practice. From the support staff who are super efficient, professional and friendly to D Thaker himself, this place is great. Dr Thaker explains all the what and why and has a great bedside manner. Highly recommend. - by Matt H.

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